Some Kings live in glass castles and rule large corporations instead of kingdoms. They have power and money but they crave more. Some Kings live in the woods in log cabins where no one bothers them and that is the way they like it.   Most twins have a link to each other. One knows what the other is thinking or feeling at any given moment. If one is hurt, the other feels the pain. If one is on the other’s mind, they feel that connection.  Creed King and his identical twin brother Legend are also like this but they also live separate lives and have separate ideals and moral codes that they live by. One chose a righteous path when he graduated from high school. He joined the military and became a Marine. He wanted to separate himself from the King family business as much as possible, not the same path that his brother Legend chose.
Legend went to college got his MBA and took over the family business from his father, Jericho who wanted only to care for Dannie, the twins’ mother who was dying from cancer. He was twenty-five and sitting as the head of the second largest crime family in North Carolina after Rab Guryev of the Guryev Bratva. Legend wanted to be number one.

Then their father betrayed them.

​Smoky Mountain Series

Baker Wildfire was always hers.    When he came home, he avoided her.  Baker didn't want Makena to see his vulnerability.  He can't avoid her anymore.  He has to stop running.  The Russian mafia, pregnancy tests and May Justice will keep Baker on his toes where Makena is concerned.

The Blood War is over for Nikolai Guryev and Alexi Bessonov. The Federov’s have been taken care of. Vitaly Morozov is dead killed by his own foolish mistakes. Legend King’s grandfather, the chief of the Cherokee tribe killed his father, Jericho. There was only one loose end…

Alyona Kuznetsov. 

She must be controlled. Her family must be brought under the protection of the Guryev Bratva to ensure the bloodshed ends.

Lee wardlow

Her long blonde hair tickled his face. He rolled over and groaned. Her slender fingers on his bare chest excited him. Enticed him. But she wasn’t trying to. She was desperate. Desperate for him. Desperate to touch him. Was she real or a figment of Deacon Justice’s imagination? She felt pretty damn real right now. Her voice was soft and sweet as she spoke to him. He didn’t know who she was but she had been invading his dreams for months now. Preventing him from sleeping at night. Waking him with calls for help. He didn’t understand what she needed from him. Selene Darsi knew him. Through time, again and again she recognized his soul. She had loved him. She needed his help. She invaded his dreams, reaching out to him. If only he would recognize her. Help her before it was too late. They were forever joined. Never had found the happiness they deserved. This time needed to be different. This time they would have forever.

Julius helped rescue her from her captor on the mountain.  He was taken with her immediately but he didn't think he was right for her.  There was the age gap.  He had just ended a long-term relationship.  He couldn't stay away from her.  Never should have given into the temptation.  His past would haunt their relationship.  Threaten Sasha's future.  Never should have fallen in love.  He would have to rescue her again.  Hopefully this time they will have the future they had hoped for.  Never gonna give up on each other.

Death before Dishonor 
He has lived by the Bratva code. Alliances shift as part of their normal daily life. Nikolai Guryev is the youngest Pakhan of one of the largest cells of the Russian mafia in the state of North Carolina. He  has no illusions; Nicolai has enemies. Sierra Darsi would only complicate his life.   Will he choose the life in the Bratva or Sierra? He can’t have them both. The only way to leave the Bratva is by death unless he can find another way out.