To feel this lonely after having so much happiness was devastating to me. Why had I let Jamie in? To make matters worse, Liam is avoiding me too so I stayed away from everyone. Sam. The Moores. They thought I was using drugs again but I wasn’t. I wouldn’t do that now.  When they all found out my secret, they will assume the baby is Jamie’s. Except for Liam. He will know the truth. It will destroy them.  We came together out of grief. Our hearts broken because of Jamie’s loss. Now we were going to have a baby. A baby, he doesn’t even know about.   Liam tells me I’m Jamie’s girl. He’s even back with his ex-girlfriend, Harley. How do I tell him, he’s going to be a father? Why do I feel funny that he’s with her and not me?   When he finds out all hell is going to break loose. I just keep making a mess of things. We feel the guilt in our hearts. We didn’t mean for this to happen but I don’t regret the child we conceived. I love it and I want it.

Maybe this baby will ease our guilty hearts. 


Sam was arrested when I was ten. My mother overdosed with I was thirteen. I'm the one who found her dead on the living room floor while Sam was still in prison.  Security? A stable home life? I didn't have that in my childhood but I didn't make it easy on myself either. At the 4th of July picnic, I finally agreed to fess up that I was Sam Clifton's daughter. Ronan Moore was most surprised. We had been attending Sam's group for the last year. Both ex-addicts trying to stay clean, me longer than him. Yes, I followed in my parents’ footsteps.  I loved being surrounded by the Moore family.  Liam Moore liked me. I thought we had something. Jamie Moore, his identical twin, he and I rubbed each other the wrong way from the moment we said hello. Both brothers were interested in me but Liam wouldn't let his feelings for me come between him and Jamie.   Fate had other plans for me and Jamie though. He left me with broken dreams and broken promises.

That’s why, I guarded my heart so it could never be broken.

He had it all.  A promising career.  A loving family.  Then he didn’t.  A night of hard partying led to a blackout. That night changed his life forever.  A night that involved her.  Someone he had known his whole life.  She couldn’t forget.  The consequences were momentous.  The stakes were high.  Now what do they do?  Promise me…Ronan, promise me you won’t do it again.  The temptation was strong.   Could he resist?  Everything they thought they knew about Ronan Moore is a lie. He will have to discover what kind of man he truly is. Find the man he was before the drugs and the lies took over him. 

Pointe Royal​ Series

Ian Black is a confirmed bachelor.  Delany O'Halloran a widow.  Her dead husband Alex was his childhood friend.  What happens when Alex's ghost and her son Brady play Matchmaker for this couple?  This is a sweet story about taking a leap of faith for a second chance at love when the first time was so perfect. 

Shawn Martin, bachelor, player and favorite uncle.  The only role he wants to have is husband and father.  He has watched all of his friends and siblings marry.  It’s his turn.   The women of Pointe Royal know his reputation.​  Bronagh Riley knows who he is but she wasn’t the type of girl he would have given a second look at in high school. That was before.  This is the new Shawn Martin. He needs a strong woman.  She needs him.

Part 1 Joy's Story 

She thought she was meant to be with Joey Bonds.  Then she realized the depth of her feelings for Adam Moore.  Life was never fair.  For them it would never be what they wanted it to be because fate had things in store for them they couldn't predict.  You don't always get what you want.

You Were Born for Me

Stevie Bonds and Declan Moore had history.    They were soul mates if you believe in that sort of thing.  They broke up at 18.  Now 25, Declan wants her back.  He won't stop until he has Stevie back in his arms...back in his bed.  She was born for him.  

Generations of Moores have lived on the farm in Pointe Royal where memories fill the house like the pictures on the walls keeping those lost alive in the hearts of present and future generations to come.   Fionn Moore and Aine O’Halloran .  Ciernan Moore nd Ryan O'Halloran.  Sophia Moore and Seth Helson are seeking their happily ever after endings while  another Moore is discovering after a lifetime of loving how to go on when that love is gone.  The end to the Pointe Royal Series weaves three new beginnings with an ending in the Moore family saga. 

Part 2 of Joy's Story 

Joy's love story continues.  Her life.  Her loves.  Her friendships are all an important part of her life....critical to the outcome of  her story.  How will she survive when everything in her is pushing her to self-destruct.  This is what she got because of the decisions she made.  

Noah Moore had loved before and lost her too.  He was way too young to be a widower.  Lexi Michaels had loved and lost too but in a different way.  Both were protecting their hearts.  Stevie Moore Noah's sister-in-law was determined to get them together.  

Codi Moore had dated Jessie Gatlin once before.  She pushed him away because she was afraid.  What brought them back together became a terrifying time in their lives because of her ex-fiance.    What didn't kill them would make them stronger...

Scarlett O'Halloran is twenty-five year old schoolteacher.  Her whole life she's been protected by her brothers and her token brothers Ben Murdoch being one of them.  Why does she suddenly feel so much for Ben when she touches him?   When they kiss it is amazing.  There's a few problems.  He doesn't do relationships.  She's the sister of his two best friends Tegan and Alex.  What's a guy to do?  

Tegan O'Halloran was eighteen when he loved Rhett Martin.  Rhett walked away from the relationship with a secret that has been destroying them both.  Ten  years later, the feelings are the same.  They pretend it doesn't still hurt.  Tegan knows he loves her still, he will always love Rhett Martin but can they recapture what they had.  Can Tegan forgive when he finds out what the secret she has carried for years is?

Lee wardlow