Lee wardlow

The free spirited art teacher, Jorga Danner turns the football coach Beau Daughtry's  world upside down.  Can they figure out they are meant for each other before they kill each other?  An incident with his whistle has already put them on opposite ends of the football field with no resolution in sight.   Where do they go from here?

Zachariah Daughtry spent the last six years of his life in the Georgia State Penitentiary in Reidsville. He was out early for good behavior.  He walked into prison a nineteen-year-old scared kid. He walked out a man. She recognized him even though she hadn’t seen him in years. He was a shy, seventeen-year-old then. He is a man now. One that Missy Neely and every other woman in Goose Creek finds sexy as hell. Their first kiss lights a flame that keeps on burning. They have lots of obstacles that keep getting in the way of their love but one thing is for certain. She is his. 

Josiah Landon is about to get the surprise of his life.   It was news he wasn’t expecting. His life from this day forward will never be the same. Once he gets over the anger and the pain, the news will bring him immense happiness.  His son wants to meet him. The son he thought Riley Jones had put up for adoption. Josiah has spent fourteen years driven by his anger at Riley. Loving her and hating her. Riley is living in Ruby Lake, Michigan. A place he never wanted to return to but that is where Riley and his son are. His parents are there too. They have some explaining to do. 

Six months have passed.  Ana is pregnant with the child and everyone is interested in her baby from demons to fae.  Angel Orologas, the paternal grandmother  doesn't know about the baby, when she finds out, all hell will break loose.  Her killing spell intended to put Ana and her baby's soul in purgatory forever is intercepted by her sister Promise.  If she can get through the maze that is purgatory and all its obstacles she can reconnect her soul with her body and return to her family.  She will need a little help along the way from them.

Meet the McGuires
Ale and Colin McGuire have been married for thirty-two years.  They have reached a bump in the road.  They have three sons, Cabe, Lucas and Jack.  Their loves, their lives will intertwine and make for a crazy, messy drama that involves surprise loves, paternity tests and a happily ever after they never saw coming.

Stella Stobol is a white witch.   White witches are good and kind. Their spells bring beauty to the world and make people happy.  What Stella learns is that she is very valuable in both the witch and warlock magic realm and the demon realm as well.   Stella is in love with Nikos Orologas.  She’s young and not in a hurry to marry like her siblings are.     Stella is happy just loving and living with Nikos.  On the night of her sister Jules’ wedding to Dimitris Orologas her life changes from happiness to sorrow.  Lore, the demon of fire and Timmeron, his son crash, the wedding.  They force her hand and she rewrites the Ancient book with her actions.   She didn’t understand the consequences when she saved Mar, the father of all demons from Lore.  She didn’t know that Lore would take her one, true love.  She curses Lore and disappears.  What she didn’t know, was the havoc she left behind.  Back home in Foxglove, she meets Jet Michaels.  A quiet but beautiful man who mends her broken heart, but Jet has secrets that could tear them apart unless Stella trusts with her heart instead of her head.

Harper Danner doesn't make mistakes until she lets Colton Daughtry into her hotel room after their siblings' wedding.  When she moves to Goose Creek to be near her sister Jorga the dreams of her childhood start again.   Colton may be important to her in more ways than one.  He or his family might be able to help her understand her gift before something bad happens to her or someone she loves.

She is the naughty librarian or so her author’s bio says. She actually works in the local bookstore in Hello, Ohio but it sounds more intriguing to say she is a librarian than a naughty bookstore sales associate. Now that is just a mouthful. Jack Stone lives on Fire Lake in a remote cabin next door to a beautiful man that she fantasizes about on a daily basis. Her next erotic romance is based on those fantasies. There is just one problem. Jack knows this man, his four sisters, his parents and his grandmother. She just doesn’t remember him because she hasn’t seen him since he was seventeen. Things are about to get complicated for Jack and her fantasy man, Jamie McAda.   Jamie doesn’t like complicated. 

There are times in a man’s life when he has to pull up roots and get the hell out of town for his own sanity. If only to grow the hell up. Luka Shaw did just that.  He was nineteen and stupid when he left Haley Cove. He had never seen the world outside of his small hometown. The decision wasn’t an easy one because he left Skylar behind.  Luka is back now for good. He’s made his fortune. As he confronts Skylar at her ranch he finds she’s no longer the sweet girl he left behind but a beautiful twenty-seven-year-old woman with a lot of hostility directed at him, not that he can blame her.  Luka came to let her know that he never stopped loving her. There wasn’t a day that he didn’t think of her. She is the only reason that he returned to Haley Cove.  There is a child standing on the front porch calling Skylar, Momma. A child that looks amazingly like Luka. Someone has some explaining to do.

They were anti-government, anti-color, anti-religion if it didn't meet their ideals.  They wanted to bring America to its knees.  She stood up to them, putting herself and her loved ones in danger.  They were the True Knights of God.  She was Maya Michaels.

A twist of fate or an outcome controlled by the will of two men?  A secret that she never told anyone, not even her family or her two best friends.  Her family noticed the difference in her.  They chalked it up to a phase she was going through.  At her hometown events she gazed into the faces of men she had known her entire life and wondered if one of them was the one?  When she discovers the men's identities, one will shock her very core, the second one will disgust her and the third she didn't know even existed.  Who is he?  There has to be some surprises.

Ana Stobol is a witch who live with her five sisters and their grandmother Star.  Her grandmother hasn't taught them what they are truly capable of because she has wanted to protect them from the fate of their parents who were murdered by a demon.  As oldest sister Ana approaches her twenty-fifth birthday and the blue full moon, she disappears with a mysterious, beautiful stranger.  Ana didn’t go willingly.  She was compelled to go.  It becomes necessary to teach the remaining four sisters what it means to be a Stobol witch and who the Orologas brothers are who have sworn to protect them.  They are their guardians.  While doing so, they have to find Ana and her beautiful stranger  before it’s too late.  An ancient book will reveal long ago predictions about the five powerful witches and their destinies. 

Other Releases

Logan gets the surprise of his life in single mother Bobbie Grier and her son Asa.  Problem is she's his employee.  The ex--Marine has scars that run deep.  How does he put his past behind him to let the beautiful single mom and her son in his heart..

Kale Yaholo didn't do relationships that is until he met Lola Daughtry. Damn, if she wasn’t gorgeous as well as sweet.    Lola was afraid.  Something terrible had happened in her past.  Something she thought she would never get over.  Then she met Kale. Lola’s past has come back for her.  Kale vows to protect her but he must find out who the enemy is first…

l was in hell.  A hell of my own making I have to admit it if only to myself .  He was there again.  I couldn’t see his face.  It was covered by a mask as was mine.   I didn’t know what was special about him.  I didn’t care as long as only he possessed me.  It was supposed to be a temporary arrangement until we we removed the masks.   Then the game changed but I was being forced into a game of Hell with only this man to protect me.  


Gabby's marriage to James Ellerton was over but she had to go home to Hell, Michigan for Yancy, her mother where her past is back to haunt her. Her first love Kerry McCoy wanted her still. There was a lot of history between them.. A child she had been raising on her own.   Gabby has one problem....James Ellerton.  He wasn't ready to let Gabby go.

​​“Let go Jaxson,” she told him.  “Let yourself come undone with me.  Be as bad as you want to be...."  Jaxson knew now looking back at his feelings that Mia had gotten under his skin from the start.  When a stalker goes after Mia wanting to replace her in Jaxson’s life.  How does he protect the woman he loves and their unborn child?

Jaxson Stallman successful businessman and entrepreneur.   Mia D'Angelo his new Administrative Assistant.  Sparks fly the moment they meet.  Mia is trying to keep the relationship strictly professional.  Jaxson just wants to get her out of his system.  One night is all he needs. It doesn't work like that.  Doesn't he know?  One taste of Mia and he'll never let her go.

The Timekeepers come from ancient families long ago.  Adone Montana is a Timekeeper. He was taught the ancient rituals and rights of the role he was born for by his father Emiliano.  They have the ability to change ones' past mistakes and to affect the present’s tragedies or not.  Adone has ten souls to save then his time on earth is done.  He has one problem Sonnie Wilde. His love for her will change everything.  Adone is about to embark on his first journey into the past to save a soul.  Lucas Basu. Sonnie’s brother-in-law. Saving Lucas could cost Adone everything he loves.

Nova Daughtry had hopes that Tyler Danner would fall in love with her in the months that she spent with him, loving, laughing and making love. She was  young. Too young to understand what falling in love really means. Then Jamie Stone literally rides into her life on his motorcycle.  Jamie sweeps Nova off her feet. He shows her what it means to love and be loved.  Her relationship with Jamie may become part of the fallout of  his current cyber investigation. The consequences they might not be able to recover from.