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​​Cannons and Corsets
A Civil War Novel

The election of Abraham Lincoln sparks talk of succession.  War is on everyone's mind. Joseph Truth is one of the largest plantation owners in the South.  He has eight sons could be fighting a war none of them want.  North Carolina was the reluctant state. A Divided State.  Raven, Joseph's daughter.  Free thinking.  High Spirited.  An abolitionist.   She will fight for her family even if she doesn't believe in the cause.  Ransom and Robert Grant, two Union officers who meet Raven are integrated in the Truth family.  Torn between their northern roots and the southern women they love.   Even with the surrender of Lee bringing about the end of the War their lives will never return to what it was before the war.  Now it is filled with destruction, corruption and reconstruction.

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​​​Sons of Vengeance
Sequel to Cannons & Corsets

The year is 1880, the Civil War has been over for 15 years but the South is still splintered by race and violence.  The Klan is lawless.   The chains of slavery aren’t left behind. Ash Justice is waiting to hear from West Point.  Jace Grant faces an uncertain future.  Not knowing what he wants to do with his life; only that he doesn’t want to follow in his brother’s footsteps.  Jack Truth witnesses a hate crime by the Klan and his life’s path changes dramatically.  The appearance of Kristoff, William’s nephew explains his disappearance for Raven and throws Layla Truth’s life into turmoil.  The sins of the past come back to haunt the Truths, the Grants and Maxwell Pleasance.  Somebody is out for vengeance.  The sins of the father will be placed on the heads of the sons.