Lee wardlow

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Children's / Young Adults 

Available at Amazon  Children Grade 3-6
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The Shadow People & Other Magical Creatures 

The MacGyver Children live a normal life with their grandfather Mathias in the old house at the top of the hill in Principal, Ohio.  One surprising day a mural in Aisling’s room comes to life. On that day, she learns that she has magical powers and a destiny waiting for her that she isn’t sure she’s ready for.  Streeter, her brother has a gift of his own. He’s a spirit guide who can talk ghosts. Once that portal is open there is no stopping the dead from seeking him out but that’s okay with Streeter.  He’s cool with it.  Life won’t be the same when their evil Uncle Micah and his Yeti, Snowflake enter the picture. He has his own plans for the children that may or may not be as evil as they seem.  Lots of magical creatures help them find their way and defeat the Shadow Army before they destroy mankind and the magical realm they must protect.