Lee wardlow

A little personal information:  I am a mother of one beautiful daughter.  2 wonderful grandsons.  A new mother-in-law which brought me two more grandchildren and one is finally a little girl.   We now have #5 as I call him.  A four month old grandson.  My daughter and her husband had a little boy in March.  The child of funny faces.  See my Instagram account for proof of his comical looks. 

Sadly, we were down to 1 four legged baby.  My 14 year old girl Evi passed away so my daughter decided to give me her gorgeous boy, Koda before he ate the pig or the Chihuahua.  Unintentionally of course.  Koda is a big, lovable teddy bear.  We just haven't convinced Dixie of this yet.  She's our feisty coonhound mix.

Oh and there is my husband that has been around for a while and most days I want to keep him.  


My eight year old grandson (he's 10.5 now)  saw some covers from a few of my books.  He informed me that it was inappropriate for his Nana to write books like this.   He likes to roll his big, blue-green eyes at me. Those are my eyes, he has.  I'm still writing them but working on some children's stories with him too.  The Shadow People and Other Magical Creatures is the first of such endeavors.

​​​I'm a small town girl who loves to read everything from Stephen King to romance.  Down and dirty romance to sweet and tender romance so it made sense that I would jump in and write a romance right? I told my lifelong girlfriend that one day I wanted to write romances.

 I've been told my books are more Family Sagas with elements of romance.  Some with mystery too.  I've been doing this writing thing for years.  Over ten years ago I was sitting in the Philly airport next to an editor of all people.  She agreed to read one of my manuscripts.  She gave a good critique and then I dropped the ball on my writing.  

In 2014 I was laid off AGAIN (IT GEEK) Project Manager technical name.  Dusted off my manuscript Welcome to Hell and polished it up a bit and self-published it.  I've written many more self-published romance novels since then that are based on a fictional  town in Ohio called Pointe Royal.  I loved these characters so much but it was time to close the door on Pointe Royal and find another story to write.

Then came the Club Amor Series,  Ruby Lake Series, Goose Creek Series, Smoky Mountain Series (My Sister's Personal Favorite-she's read them numerous times).  The Timekeeper.  The newest series is 7 Brides for 7 Brothers.  I have i one book to write for that series for Asa and Bindi.  

 Someone asked me how I come up with my ideas.  Sometimes they just come to me and sometimes I write what I dream...

What I love about reading and writing is getting lost in my own little world.  I become my characters for a while.  I get to live in their drama instead of having my own.